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Hanoi: U23 Football, Escape Room, and DIY Oral 'Surgery'

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23 January 2018
Hanoi, Vietnam

It was a rough morning as we both processed everything from the night before. We talked it over briefly, turning the discussion to how drunk and fucked up we both got last night. Terry had to work during the day, so he got ready and went off to Moose; I stayed home to get some work done.

Later in the afternoon, I began to prep everything to make ooey-gooey butter cake. I was thrilled to have finally found everything that I needed (I brought the yellow cake mix with me from France). I had to improvise when finding mixing bowls at Terry's apartment: large pots worked quite nicely. After prepping the topping and placing the base of the cake into the cake pan, I cleaned up, packed everything up and took an Uber over to Moose. Terry's oven barely work and he suggested that we use the over at Moose.

I arrived to find the restaurant packed with local Vietnamese, all watching the semi-final game of the AFC Under 23 football (soccer) game. Everyone around town was glued to their TVs to watch the game: this was a huge moment for Vietnam and they were all proud of their national team. Not finding a place to sit down, I stood at one end of the bar; I gave Terry the cake to place in the fridge until it was time to bake.

The game was exciting and being surrounded by locals only enhanced the experience: their excitement was intoxicating! Every time Vietnam would score the restaurant erupted into cheers and celebrations. The score was tied after the end of the second half, pushing things into extra time; eventually they ended up having to do a penalty shootout. Everyone was on the edge of their seats in anticipation... and Vietnam won!!

Soon the streets were filled with people celebrating, just like a few days ago. Motorbikes brought traffic to a standstill, Vietnam flags were waving all over the place, people were honking their horns, playing music, and expressing their joy over the game. There was no violence, no rioting, no looting like one sees during victory celebrations in the United States; this was a genuine display of community and happiness.

I joined Terry, Ian, and Alex at one of the tiki tables in the back, where we sat around having some drinks while we let the chaos in the streets unfold. Terry was off work by this point, so we all got to hang out for a while. We decided to throw the butter cake into the oven while we had dinner. A little while later, one of the staff came over and said the cake smelled like it was burning (though the timer still had 10 minutes to go!). I ran over and was happy to find that the cake wasn't ruined – just slightly overcooked on the sides, but still quite edible. When I served the cake to everyone at the table, they were all impressed and enjoyed it. Terry was particularly impressed with my baking skills.


Alex soon took off to try and make his way home; Terry and I decided to head home as well, though we'd have to walk. On the way, we stopped off at O'Leary's for a drink; they were preparing to close so the staff could enjoy the celebrations, but we were able to get one round of drinks. Terry's Irish friend was at the bar, so we had to stop and chat with him; he was quite drunk, but still friendly.

When we left O'Leary's, we wandered down the street to a small bar where we sat outside on the sidewalk and had a few beers each. We joked around with one another a lot: Terry put an ice cube down the back of my shirt and I then knocked over our drinks while trying to get the damn thing out. It was... embarrassing and funny. We had a few balloons as well: the first ones were good, but the second and third ones were sub-par (we were not impressed).


Leaving the bar behind, we continued our walk home, taking a route to avoid most of the congestion. The celebrations began at 18:00 and would last until the early hours of the morning. Terry said that he was hungry and so we walked over to a small restaurant that served pho. I wasn't particularly hungry at this point, so I just had a beer. Terry's “pho” turned out to be just ramen noodles, which we found ridiculous (then again, it was 01:00 and the woman was clearly about to close up shop). Once Terry had finished eating, we walked home and crashed for the evening.

24 January 2018
Hanoi, Vietnam

I spent the day quietly relaxing, getting some work done, not really doing much of anything. I went to moose for dinner and drinks in the evening. Terry and Ian were both working, so I got to chat with them. Another regular, Steve, arrived later in the evening and joined us for drinks. He ended up staying far too late – past when the restaurant closed, much to Ian's annoyance.

Terry, Steve and I all left Moose at the same time; Terry and I had planned to grab a drink or two on the way home, so he invited Steve along. Steve is a nice guy, but he talks endlessly! We opted to go to the Shitty Shitty Wine Bar, where we each had a beer before splitting a bottle of red wine. The bar had an upstairs seating area that neither Terry or I had ever seen, so we went up to explore and discovered that they have a piano. To my surprise, Terry sat down and began to play a little bit! I hadn't know that he'd had some lessons when he was younger; he was rusty, but I was still impressed as he played the opening part of Fur Elise.


We didn't stay out too late at the wine bar, but when Terry and I got home, we continued drinking, this time with vodka and coke. We took the drinks upstairs and, while I was relaxing in bed, Terry got out some scissors and knives. Unsure of what he was up to, I asked him and he said he was going to remove some of the hardware in his jaw. Years ago, he'd broken his jaw, which required a lot of screws, etc to fix. Now some of the hardware was protruding from his jaw into my mouth and he wanted to remove it. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous about him doing it himself when he was drunk.

We went into the bathroom, where he sat on the sink and took several shots of vodka before cutting into his jaw. He didn't make large or deep cuts; just enough to cut away around the metal, though there was a lot of blood. I sat by his side, nervously watching and there just in case something when wrong. At one point he touched on a nerve, which caused him to double over in pain (I was concerned that he was going to have a seizure). He recovered and finished the cutting (the shots of vodka throughout to “sterilize” things caused him a lot of pain too). When he tried to unscrew the screws, he found it far more difficult than he anticipated. He wasn't able to get anything removed and he eventually gave up, leaving the bloody knives and scissors in the bathroom. I was relieved when we finally crawled into bed.

25 January 2018
Hanoi, Vietnam

I woke up this morning quite ill: similar to how Terry had felt a few days ago, I was up all night puking; it was awful. He had the day off from work, so we were able to take it easy and be lazy. I spent most of the morning in bed, resting. In the afternoon, Terry and I planned to finally do an escape room together – we'd been talking about doing one since October! First though, we had to stop in at Moose & Roo for a little bit. We then took an Uber over to the Moose & Roo Pub in the Old Quarter, where Terry had to do a little bit of work.

We were able to then walk over to where the escape room was located. We decided to do the Egyptian room, which had us trying to solve the Pharo's puzzle. Before going in, we were able to put on some themed costumes, which was fun. The puzzles in the room were challenging, but not nearly as difficult as the ones that I'd faced in the other two Hanoi escape rooms. We had to call for help a few times, but we did manage to solve the puzzles... and we escaped!! Huzzah!! We both had a great time and agreed that we'd be back to do another room.

We swung by Moose to grab some food on our way home; since I was still not feeling well, Terry was going to make some home-made soup for me. When we got home, I sat on the sofa resting while Terry toiled away in the kitchen, chopping up veggies and cooking the soup. The smells in the house were amazing – I couldn't wait to try the soup. It did not disappoint: it was delicious!! Terry is quite an accomplished chef. He can cook, I can bake. Haha


We then went up to bed, curled up together and started watching “V for Vendetta” on my laptop. We made it about 15 minutes into the film before I heard Terry start to snore; he was exhausted and so I was so. I turned my computer off and we went to bed.

26 January 2018
Hanoi, Vietnam

This morning Terry and I decided to take it easy, heading over to the park next to his house for a leisurely walk around. The park is quite large, fully of trees, benches, and a huge lake (there is a hut where one can rent paddle boats to take out on the lake). We walked around and stopped at a small hut for some coffee. We sat by the lake side, enjoying our coffee and chatting. When we finished at the park, we walked over to a nearby bia hoi for a few (cheap) beers before heading off to Moose and Roo.

I spent the afternoon and evening at Moose getting some work done (their WiFi was stronger and more reliable than the connection at Terry’s home). I had dinner there and a few drinks; I wasn’t feeling too good by the end of the evening, so I decided to cut down on my drinking.

Steve (from Tokyo) showed up and we spent much of the evening hanging out and chatting. He’s a really nice guy and I’m glad that we’ve become friends as we’re both such regulars at the Moose. A friend of Terry’s came in as well, so the four of us spent some time chatting for a while.

When Terry finished work, we all decided to head out for some drinks. Our plan was to go to GC first and then Long Play. Steve had to run to his hotel first, but said that he’d meet us there. When we got to GC, it was packed full of people, so we opted to head straight to Long Play instead. I ordered one beer, but decided that I didn’t want it after having just two sips. I still wasn’t feeling well, so I called it a night for me and headed back to Terry’s place, telling him to stay out and enjoy himself.

I fell asleep watching a movie and Terry got back quite late. He was behaving quite strangely. He came into the room, showered, got some things out of his “sex drawer” so I assumed that he had brought some guy back with him (which he hadn’t). He left the room, went downstairs for a bit, then came back to the room, angrily grabbed his fur blanket, slammed the door and stormed upstairs to sleep on the sixth floor. I had no clue what had happened to upset him.

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