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Hanoi: Pampering Ourselves + Vietnam Celebrates

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17 January 2018
Hanoi, Vietnam

Terry and I went for coffee this morning at our usual coffee shop near his apartment. While we were having our coffee, I brought up the subject of when his ex was going to move out. Terry got frustrated and annoyed because this was a subject that he was hearing about from every single one of his friends: we were all urging him to get his ex out of the apartment. Terry grabbed his phone and sent him a message, telling him that he needed to be gone by the end of the day. He calmed down, I apologized for unintentionally upsetting him, and we were ok.

That evening I met up with Terry at Moose, who was having meetings with Alex, one of his wine reps. I'd met and hung out with Alex back in October with Lizzie, so I joined them at a table once the meeting was over. We proceeded to drink several glasses of wine: Terry and Alex were trying to settle an 'argument' on which bottle of red was better. I preferred Alex's bottle, but Terry favored something from Argentina that no one could pronounce and so we dubbed it Despactio. Alex ordered us a round of Negronis, which got me rather drunk. Alex once again brought up when Terry's ex was going to move out, which I could see annoyed Terry. When Terry stepped away, Alex and I chatted privately a bit: he could clearly see how I felt about Terry and sympathized; we both agreed that the ex needed to get out ASAP though – for both of their sake.

By this point the three of us were thoroughly tipsy, so Terry and I decided to head home. We stopped at the VinMart to grab a few beers; while walking him, Terry admired some of the flowers a street vendor was selling, but she wanted too much for them, so he didn't buy any.

When we got home, Terry went upstairs to see if his ex had actually moved out. He was alone upstairs for a few minutes before coming back downstairs. He stopped at the foot of the stairs, said that he'd moved out, and then he broke down crying. I gave him a hug to comfort him while he cried; I had never seen Terry so emotionally vulnerable, he's usually quite closed off.

He composed himself and we started having some drinks. We sat on the sofas downstairs, drinking beer and somewhat chatting. It was clear that the breakup had finally hit Terry, which was understandable; they had broken up in November, but until his ex moved out, it never seemed real (they still shared a bed during the interim!). He was hurting pretty bad and my hear broke for him; I wanted to wrap my arms around him and assure him that everything would be ok.

We soon ran low on beer, so I ran back down to the VinMart to get some more. On the way back, I stopped and bought some flowers for Terry (I bought the ones he was admiring). When I got home, he was sitting on the couch where I'd left him; we proceeded to start drinking the new beers. He was surprised and appreciative of the flowers that I brought him.


He cried a little bit more before going back upstairs and locking himself in his room. I heard a lot of loud crashes and banging going on – I knew he was trashing the room out of rage. I knocked on the door, asking him to let me in; I didn't want him to hurt himself. When he finally came out, he was emotionally drained and seemed to be in somewhat of a trance. We went back downstairs, where he grabbed two large knives, along with some dirt from outside that he mixed with water.

For the next hour or so he proceeded to sit on the couch, listening to music, cleaning one of the knives. I sat on another couch, making sure that he was ok and that he wasn't going to do anything foolish; we didn't really talk while he cleaned. He broke the second knife for reasons unknown. Once the first one was clean, he abruptly threw it across the room, where it hit the floor and broke.

Finally, he wanted to go to bed. When we entered the bedroom, I was shocked: the place was a disaster. He'd managed to upend the large and heavy TV stand, clothes and everything in the bathroom was strewn on the floor. We crawled into bed and he was soon fast asleep; I lay there for a while, wishing there was something I could do to make him feel better, but knowing that he's have to process this himself.

18 January 2018
Hanoi, Vietnam

This morning we chatted for a little bit, going over the events of the night before. Terry was much more composed and was surprised by his own actions. We hurriedly put the bedroom back together, just in case the cleaning woman came by, and hid the broken knives (they belonged to the landlord). After showering, we went out for coffee and found the cleaning woman in the kitchen. Terry explained to her that his ex had moved out, which delighted her as she had never liked him; Terry also explained that I would be staying for a little while, which she said was ok. We're pretty sure the fact that his ex was gone was the only reason she was cool with me staying.

I spent the day working at Moose and then went back home with Terry. We were shocked when we entered his bedroom: the cleaning woman had done a full cleaning of the place. New bed sheets, everything was straightened up, the bathroom had been deep cleaned, even a new shower head had been installed! She was VERY happy that the ex was gone!

Terry and I relaxed that night, laying in bed listening to music, watching videos on YouTube. We listened to “Defying Gravity” and several songs from Chicago; “I Am What I Am” from La Cage Aux Folles; and many other Broadway favorites. He also played Disney songs, especially from The Lion King (his favorite Disney movie). He was clearly in a better place than he was last night, which I was glad about. We joked around and overall had a good evening together. *** ***

19 January 2018
Hanoi, Vietnam

I was up early today so I could run out to the grocery store before Terry woke up. I wanted to make him breakfast, so I grabbed some bread, eggs, and butter; I also picked up some Frosties (which is the name that Frosted Flakes goes by in Vietnam – and which Terry had mentioned was his favorite). When I got home, I made some instant coffee and brought it up to Terry, who was just waking up. He threw on some clothes and we went downstairs, where I made some “Eggs in a Basket” for breakfast. Terry had never heard of it, but he said he enjoyed it.


We decided to have a mini pamper ourselves day before he had to go to work. First, though, I had him cut my hair, which was in desperate need of being buzzed; it's simple to cut my hair as I just buzz it all off around the sides and back. He was nervous at first, but soon figured it out. Then it was time for pampering!

He had bought some facial masks a few nights ago, so we gave those a try. We kept them of for a little bit, but soon became disillusioned with them as they didn't seem to do much of anything. Terry suggested we do “black masks” using the cream that he had. He applied it to me first and then himself, all while we listened to music; “Defying Gravity” from Wicked, as well as the soundtrack to Chicago had quickly become favorites of ours. The masks stayed on until they dried and then it was time to peel them off... He had warned me that it could hurt, but it was no worse than taking off a band-aid. When the mask was completely off, my skin felt much smoother.


That afternoon and evening was spent at Moose: him working and me on my laptop working as well. After work, we went out to Long Play with Ian. While we were having some drinks and balloons, one of our Vietnamese “strays” showed up (the guy who had come home with us a week or so ago); we indicated that he wasn't coming back with us again, which seemed to annoy him. There was a German guy at the bar who kept playing angry metal music, so we decided to hop over to GC for some drinks. When we got to GC they were getting ready to close, so we had time for just one drink. We went back to Long Play for a few more rounds; the German guy began talking to us, which was annoying. We finally decided that it was time to head home.

20 January 2018
Hanoi, Vietnam

I was up before Terry this morning and went downstairs to clean up and have some coffee. While I was sitting there, I got a call form Nana, who was upset and wanted to chat with Terry. I went upstairs, woke up and told him; he said he'd call her back. He and I sat around chatting for a little bit while he charged up his phone. He called Nana back while I got ready for the day.

I went to Moose with Terry for a late lunch and then I went out to get some reading done. I was still reading “La Belle Sauvage” and I was eager to make some progress in the book. While I was at Moose, Ian and Terry walked over to the nearly (and only!) McDonald's in town (it had opened in early December too!); they brought back Big Macs for the staff; I asked Terry to bring me a chocolate shake. He also brought me a pink balloon from McDs.


I eventually got quite tired and went back to Terry's to take a nap. Nana and I had planned to meet up this evening near Tay Ho for drinks. When I left to go and meet her, I was surprised to find the streets filled with people waving the Vietnamese flag while riding their motorbikes. Everyone was celebrating something and the crowds were incredible! My Uber motorbike driver got stuck on one street for several minutes, unable to find any room to maneuver around; the streets were packed with motorbikes. I knew there was no way that I'd made it up to Tay Ho, so I had the driver take me to Moose instead. I messaged Nana to let her know, but she didn't seem very happy that I couldn't make it.

At Moose, I discovered that the Vietnamese under-23 football (soccer) team had won the quarterfinal game that evening; this was the best any team from Vietnam had ever done on the international stage. People were filling the streets to celebrate; it was awesome to get to experience their overwhelming joy and revelry. Everyone was heading towards Hoan Kiam Lake to celebrate, which made the roads around Moose jam packed.

Terry, Ian and I left Moose together that evening after close – and the celebrations were still going on. Down the street, a bus had been stopped by the crowd and people were standing on top, waving flags. We bought three headbands that were for the football team; the locals were really happy to see Westerners sharing in their joy. We walked over to the 24-hour wine bar, which we dubbed our “Shitty Shitty Wine Bar” (sung to the tune of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”). Once there, we had a few beers and then moved on to Long Island Ice Teas. We were obliterated. Terry used his red headband to tie up the pointer and middle fingers on my left hand - we dubbed this "Finger Bondage" and I amazingly kept it on the rest of the evening.


The three of us took an Uber over to Terry's, where we sat around having Vodka and Coke for a little bit. Terry had broken part of his incense burner when he trashed his bedroom, but the Shitty Wine Bar had the same things in their bathrooms; we planned to just grab them. While we were drinking, I pulled out the one I had grabbed... and Terry was shocked that I had one as he'd grabbed one too! Terry went up to bed early, leaving Ian and me downstairs chatting. Ian and I chatted for hours, about anything and everything. By the time Ian left, it was nearly 06:00! I was glad to have spent the time with him; Ian is a great listener who gives good advice. I went upstairs and crawled into bed to catch a few hours of sleep.

21 January 2018
Hanoi, Vietnam

Somehow – I've no idea how – but I was awake at 10:00 this morning. Terry had to be at work for the morning shift, but I opted to stay at home and chill during the day. I was dead tired; I said that I'd come meet him at Moose later that day for lunch. I spent the morning relaxing and napping. When I reached Moose, neither Terry or Ian were at work, which was surprising. Ian showed up after I finished eating to let me know that he'd taken Terry home as he'd started to have some seizures at work. I messaged Terry to see if he was ok; he said he was and that he needed rest.

I had dinner plans with Ami that night, but before meeting up with him, I went over to a guy named Ben's place for a little bit. Ben and I had met up once before when I had my Airbnb apartment; it was fun getting to hang out with him again for a little bit.

Ami and I had dinner at an Indian restaurant in near Tay Ho that was pretty good. We ordered a few dishes and sat around chatting for hours. I was really glad to have met Ami; he and I have become good friends and I'm excited to have another person to hang out with when I move to Hanoi. I didn't stay too late as I wanted to get back home to check on Terry.

When I arrived home (around 21:30), Terry wasn't there; I messaged him and found out that he'd gone back to work that evening! The silly fool. I hung out at home, watching Netflix for a little while. Later in the evening, Terry messaged me and invited me to meet up with him at GC. I quickly grabbed an Uber over to meet him; he was out with Ian and another coworker named Ming. When I arrived at GC, they were getting raided by the police, so I wasn't able to have a drink there. We walked around the block for a few minutes, grabbing some beer from a Circle K, while we waited for the cops to leave.

We then went to Long Play, where we hung out, drinking beer, singing along to several songs; Ming didn't want beer though, he went with Malibu rum and Coke (he only had one; I had to finish his second). It was great fun getting to hang out with Ming; all of the Moose staff know me well, but it is nice doing things with them outside of the restaurant.

Ian suggested that we go over to a different part of town where he knew of a Tam Quat... so we did. Terry and I hung out drinking beer for a little bit there. When we were all done, the four of us walked over to grab some banh my (sandwiches) at a place that Ian knew. Terry bought some (awful) rice wine and we sat down to eat; the food was good, but not the best. Ming mentioned that his mom owned her own banh my place and promised that we could give it a try sometime. When it was time to head home for the night, Terry and I dropped Ming off at his home on the way back to ours.

22 January 2018
Hanoi, Vietnam

This morning I was woken up by a sleepy Terry nudging me to roll over; I did and he wrapped his arms around me. We spent much of the morning snuggling together, taking turns holding one another. It was absolutely wonderful. He would take his fingers and lightly tickle my next while we snuggled. I loved every minute of it.

When we woke up, it was a rough and tired morning; we both wanted to just stay in bed that day. I joined him at Moose, where I had lunch, before heading back up to Tay Ho. I was hell-bound to find a damn cake pan today! I went to three different stores and found nothing. I then went over to the Lotte Center and, as luck would have it, I found a cake pan! Huzzah!! I also wanted to get some Amarula, which was rumored to be sold there, but they didn't have any.

I then took an Uber over to Moose, where I shared the good news about the pan with Terry. He was excited. He was off work by this point and needed the apartment keys (we only had one key to the front door between the two of us); he was meeting up with a guy that afternoon. I immediately shut down and he could tell I was upset. He left and I started drinking. A lot. I had a double rum & Coke, which I quickly downed; I followed that up with a double shot of Bailey's. I had just finished paying my bill when Steve, another regular, showed up; he could tell I was upset and offered to buy me a beer. I had a drink with him, not really going into why I was upset, but I think he figured it out (no one who has seen Terry and me together can have any doubt about how I feel towards him).

I then went over to Long Play, where I downed a couple beers and had two balloons. Since the bar was deserted, I left and walked over to GC. I had a few beers there before meeting up with a Vietnamese guy and chatting with him. I spent a little while there, getting pretty drunk, before finally heading home.


Terry wasn't home when I arrived, but he'd left the key hidden for me. I let myself in and crawled into bed. I put on Netflix and was soon asleep. Terry came home later, obliterated as well. He crawled into bed and we both went to sleep. The day had started so beautifully, but ended so poorly.

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